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Corporate training, workshops, and learning experiences that make change happen.

Transform your team's thinking to thrive in today's business environment with workshops and experiences from The Late Majority.

Tailored for your team

Business Transformation

Our signature and most popular workshop for over 9 years. Transform the mindset of the team in order to prepare for the future. 

Learning Outcomes:

‣ Arms your team with the mindset and behaviors to successfully lead through an increasingly changing environment.

‣ Changes the way we think of the customer experience and innovation to remain relevant with customers, partners, team, and community.

‣ Leads the participants in an action-oriented session of learning by doing. Your team will be buzzing about what they learned well after the session ends.


Full Day In-Person Workshop

Generative AI Leadership

Unlock the potential of Generative AI to optimize your organization's efficiency and develop an understanding of Generative AI fundamentals and anticipate future advancements.

Learning Outcomes:

• Develop a comprehensive understanding of AI fundamentals and non-programming tools.

• Anticipate future advancements in the field of AI and lead the change effort with urgency.

• Gain the expertise to solve complex problems and drive innovation within your organization.

• Navigate the evolving AI landscape with confidence and insight.

• Engage in meaningful conversations about the ethical implications of AI.

• Foster responsible and empathetic leadership in AI-driven environments. Cultivate a leadership approach that is adaptable, empathetic, and future-proof.


Full Day In-Person Workshop

LinkedIn for Leaders and Teams

LinkedIn has gone from a place for a digital resume to a social platform where decision makers engage in learning and conversation. Business leaders have the opportunity to reduce customer acquisition costs and elevate their brand presence. Turn your team into brand ambassadors and be known as thought leaders in your industry.

Learning Outcomes:

Arms your team with the mindset and behaviors to successfully start enhancing their personal and professional brand on LinkedIn.


1.5 Hour Online Workshop

2 Hour In-Person Workshop

Great Teams Workshop

A team offsite that builds trust, collaboration, and excitement about the future together. From good to great together, participants will explore how their personal values fit into the work that they do.

Learning Outcomes:


Full Day In-PersonWorkshop


Our most unique leadership program in Lisbon, Portugal.  A week long program that blends travel, work, and professional development - yes, it's like study abroad for grown ups.

Unmatched collaboration, trust, and recognition for teams.

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