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Our Story

Welcome to The Late Majority, dedicated to creating exceptional business learning experiences that enable organizations to not only embrace change but to eagerly anticipate it. Our name comes from the diffusion curve of innovation because our goal is to bring people out of the late majority and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the future. 

Our Founder

Hi, I'm Dan, the founder of The Late Majority and Workbreaker. I love creating amazing learning experiences that empower organizations to embrace change – and even feel excited about. 

I am so fortunate that my work has brought me all over the world working with organizations in United States, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Prior to my entrepreneurial ventures in 2015, I dedicated a decade of my life to Target HQ, where I honed in my expertise in merchandising, operations, and HR/Learning & Development. It is from this background that my passion for retail, cultural and trend research, and delivering extraordinary customer experiences continues to thrive.

Most people see my work in the field of business innovation and transformation, but I firmly believe true transformation can only be achieved when you have a team of curious, experimental, trusting, and engaged people. 

When people call me, it’s usually because of these three reasons:
1.     They are looking for ways to create a work culture that will help them be resilient and excited about their company’s changes and need my help to get unstuck.
2.     Aspiring solo and entrepreneurs looking to start their own journey turn to me as their trusted coach, mentor, and idea-generator.
3.     Organizations seek my expertise in designing and executing training programs that not only resonate with their teams but also ignite a buzz of enthusiasm.

Our Approach

The approach is simple: make it worth the participant's time. If we believe an offering or format won't drive lasting change, we won't do it.  We want this learning experience to be the highlight of the season and that means closely working with you to make sure it drives meaningful change and ties to real business goals.

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