What does it take to be a leader in a world of digital disruption?

Find out with The Late Majority.

"Ok, so you're a training company?"


Yes, at our core we train people the new skills and behaviors required to succeed in the modern business era. Exploring new possibilities with our clients is in our DNA. We do it by creating hands-on learning experiences that are as unique as your business. Our topics change as quickly as the world changes. What we teach today will look very different next year, 5 years from now, and especially in 20.


Meet the amazing people ready to transform your company

DAN PHAN - Founder & Executive Leader

Dan is the founder of The Late Majority and is passionate about breaking down the complexities of the changing business landscape into simple and actionable pieces. He previously led the digital transformation education program at Target, where he developed learning programs for over 8,000 employees in the areas of merchandising, finance, distribution, supply chain, marketing, human resources, and store operations. Dan is a program host for the U.S. Department of State’s professional exchange program where emerging foreign leaders in digital media experience knowledge and training programs and cultivate lasting relationships with their American counterparts. He is also a presenter for Hyper Island's Business Transformation Master Classes.

REBECCA BERGNER - Leadership Trainer

Rebecca was born to train leadership skills and her ability to lead and inspire others is felt by partipants from senior leadership to new-in-role employees. As a certified LeaderShape facilitator, Rebecca has been involved with a variety of leadership camps for the last 14 years.  She is also an adjuct faculty member for the University of Minnesota's Leadership minor program. Rebecca's first job out of college was with Deloitte Consulting as a Strategy & Operations consultant and she has a Masters degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the Carlson School of Management.

LAURA FITZPATRICK - Social Media Trainer

Laura is a Social Content Writer & Producer at TBWA in Los Angeles. She brings her expertise in social and emerging media, advertising, and content marketing to The Late Majority. Laura has already spent time at some of the biggest agencies in Minneapolis - including Carmichael Lynch and Olson, played a lead role in AdFed2, won numerous awards (including being listed as one of the #32Under32), emceed one of the best events in town (Ignite), and perfects her stand-up act at comedy venues around town.  If you've seen a great Snapchat campaign, there's a good chance she was a part of it.


Lauren brings so much expertise to The Late Majority with her focus on design thinking – leading decisions with empathy and a consumer-focused mindset, embracing brainstorming, testing, and prototyping with speed. Based, in New York City, Lauren can strengthen any organization's diversity of thought, of people, of experiences, and of ideas to bring forth the best, most well-rounded initiatives.


Matt brings a background in engineering and analytics to human-centered problem solving. This creates meaningful experiences for customers that are backed by business value and operational designs that stick. As a consultant, he has helped companies redefine their customers' experiences and their business processes in the renewables and environment, consumer services, and health, wellness and fitness industries. 


Britta is an independent consultant and entrepreneur. Her work involves creating new business models to fill unmet customer needs, building value propositions from a customer lens, and forming holistic negotiation strategies motivated by long term partnership.  Her point of view has been informed by experiences in both manufacturing and retail, having held roles in sales, marketing, buying, and negotiations at the executive level across six different industries and three Fortune 500 corporations. Britta holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Masters of Business administration from the Carlson School of Management


Morgan is a social media and PR senior planner at space150, a digital advertising agency in Minneapolis. Morgan leads social strategy and planning for brands to support long-term marketing plans. Having worked on a diverse range of media projects including national display campaigns for restaurant brands, paid search planning and optimization for a luxury home brand and social/blogger strategies for CPG brands, she focuses on working with creative teams to develop social campaigns, leading social media content planning for brands, and working directly with clients to support marketing initiatives.


We believe in helping all businesses thrive in today's world. That's why we continuously fund microloans to entrepreneurs in developing nations and make donations to  See our progress here.

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