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Fri, May 17


Open Book - Room 203

LinkedIn Leadership Workshop

Your dream client or job is just one post away! Learn to use LinkedIn to amplify your professional brand and gain new business.

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LinkedIn Leadership Workshop
LinkedIn Leadership Workshop

Time & Location

May 17, 2024, 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Open Book - Room 203, 1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA

About the event

Founders, business leaders, and team members responsible for revenue, your LinkedIn profile is much more than your resume; it’s the “conversation before and after the conversation.” Having a strong online presence can directly reduce your customer acquisition costs, increase your leadership expertise, and expand your referrals.

Join Dan Phan, founder of The Late Majority, in an interactive session on how to unleash the full potential of LinkedIn. Eliminate the fear on what to post and start viewing LinkedIn as an essential tool for your business or career. As a speaker and educator in digital and business transformation, Dan will share his expertise in building a powerful personal brand, securing clients, and securing your career future.

Here are key reasons why business leaders need to have an active presence on LinkedIn:

  1. Brand Visibility and Awareness: Regular posts keep you and your brand visible to your network and beyond. LinkedIn's algorithm also favors active users, increasing your reach and attracting more attention to your business.
  2. Thought Leadership and Expertise: Sharing insights, industry trends, and valuable content establishes you as a thought leader in your field. This can enhance your credibility and attract opportunities like new business or collaborations.
  3. Networking Opportunities: LinkedIn is a networking powerhouse. Regular activity keeps you top of mind within your network, which can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.
  4. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: Showcasing your company culture and achievements can attract top talent. 
  5. Customer Engagement and Trust: By sharing updates, achievements, and insights, you build and control a narrative around your brand. This transparency fosters trust and engagement with your audience, including potential and existing customers.
  6. Market Research and Insights: Posting content and engaging with others' posts provide insights into market trends, customer needs, and competitive strategies. This can inform your business decisions and strategies.
  7. SEO Benefits: LinkedIn has high domain authority, so actively posting and sharing content can improve your visibility on search engines, leading to increased traffic to your LinkedIn profile and associated websites.
  8. Lead Generation: Sharing valuable content can generate leads. When you consistently provide value, followers are more likely to turn into customers.
  9. Feedback and Improvement: Regular interaction with your network can provide valuable feedback on your products, services, and content. This can be a critical tool for improvement and innovation.

An active LinkedIn presence supports a variety of strategic goals, from branding and networking to recruitment and sales. It's an essential platform for business leaders looking to grow their influence and the success of their ventures.

Learning Outcomes:

Future-Ready Mindset: Participants will reframe LinkedIn as a digital resume to a new opportunity for personal and business growth.

Establish Thought Leadership: Participants will understand how to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry by sharing insights, trends, and valuable content.

Enhance Personal and Company Branding: Participants will be able to enhance their personal and company branding on LinkedIn. This includes strategies for showcasing achievements, customer value, and leadership.

Create Demand and Opportunities: Learners will understand how to create demand and identify business opportunities.

Build and Leverage a Professional Network: Participants will gain strategies for building and nurturing a professional network on LinkedIn.

Leverage Generative AI for Enhanced LinkedIn Engagement and Efficiency: Participants will learn how to use generative AI tools to streamline and enhance their LinkedIn strategy.

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