We help teams uncover and change thinking needed to thrive in a disruptive business environment through immersion workshops, keynote speeches, facilitated panels, and special events.

Leadership for the Digital Age

Programs for leaders at any level to transform their leadership skills for the digital age. Equip them to thrive in uncertainty, complexity and constant change.

Create New Business Value

Facilitated sessions to understand customer journeys, understand shifting trends, identify value gaps and articulate your biggest opportunities for new business potential. 

Demystify the Buzzwords

Innovation, digital, agile, customer-centric…these are all buzzwords floating around corporate meetings, yet while they are good intentioned, we all define each one very differently. Our programs will put meaning behind the buzz.

Culture and Change Empowerment

We assess your organization's needs and create events that are collaborative, relevant, and inspiring. We will transform the mindset of your team and empower change to drive real business progress.



"In our ambition to transform to a modern omni-channel UK retailer, The Late Majority has given us a spark that has changed the way we react to challenges in the retail industry. Dan's enthusiasm and new digital perspectives has propelled an amazing culture shift. Feedback from the wider marketing teams, The Late Majority workshops not only gave us an "aha" moment when thinking about the connected world, the workshops were interactive, engaging and filled with team building efforts."

- Beth, N Brown Group

"The Late Majority did a fantastic job leading an offsite for the J&J Minneapolis Consumer Team about the transforming retail landscape late last year. Feedback was very positive. Ultimately, the training has helped our team be more informed and excited about digital, which is leading to growth." - Russ, Johnson & Johnson

"Smart, engaging, inspiring and charismatic. The half day workshop for Caribou Coffee was just what we needed to turn our opportunities and gaps on their head and reframe the work we are doing to continually put the customer first. I've taken a lot of workshops across my career and none were as informative or engaging as the work by Dan and The Late Majority team." - Michelle, Caribou Coffee


We're a group of passionate experts that are constantly researching and reporting on the future of business so we can deliver the newest insights to help you transform your business.

Design & Build

You call us and we'll talk about what your team needs to change. Our diverse backgrounds instill a deep knowledge of the major business drivers and trends within your industry. Our strong connections put us on the forefront of key trends in all of the key areas of business growth, including but not limited to: digital media, ecommerce, retail, business transformation, and leadership. 

Our team works closely with clients to develop an  amazing educational experience – whether it’s during planning or in the classroom. We create learning formats to inspire and excite, including speaker series, workshops, conferences, and other immersive learning experiences. At our core, we excel at teaching best practices in building a comprehensive curriculum that you can use for teams across all levels and functions.

Once our trainings, workshops, or programs are designed, we make sure that it’s delivered to your team as smoothly as it was designed and built. Sometimes we’ll lead the learning and other times, we’ll empower leaders to facilitate the activities. We don’t just hand over the product and walk away. We’re there to help integrate it into core learning programs and offer support when needed. We’ll do what’s best for your business.


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