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Future proof your team.

Leaders are asking their teams to become more curious to help with innovation and change.


But how do you train a team to do this? 

This is where we help.

Transform your team's thinking to thrive in today's business environment with workshops and experiences from The Late Majority.

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Leadership for the digital age, a team that adapts quickly to change, and a culture that innovates and learns.

With 3 tried and true offerings:

Business Transformation

Our signature and most popular workshop for over 7 years. Transform the mindset of the team in order to prepare for the future. 


‣ Arms your team with the mindset and behaviors to successfully lead through an increasingly changing environment.

‣ Changes the way we think of the customer experience and innovation to remain relevant with customers, partners, team, and community.

‣ Leads the participants in an action-oriented session of learning by doing. Your team will be buzzing about what they learned well after the session ends.

1 Day Workshop | 10-35 Participants | $12,000

"given us a spark that has changed the way we react to challenges"

"leading to growth"

"clearly understands business needs and can create a deep connection"

"In our ambition to transform to a modern omnichannel UK retailer, The Late Majority has given us a spark that has changed the way we react to challenges in the retail industry. Dan's enthusiasm and new digital perspectives has propelled an amazing culture shift. Feedback from the wider marketing teams, The Late Majority workshops not only gave us an "aha" moment when thinking about the connected world, the workshops were interactive, engaging and filled with team building efforts."

- Beth, N Brown Group

"The Late Majority did a fantastic job leading an offsite for the J&J Minneapolis Consumer Team about the transforming retail landscape late last year. Feedback was very positive. Ultimately, the training has helped our team be more informed and excited about digital, which is leading to growth." - Russ, Johnson & Johnson

"The way Dan facilitates his workshops gets everyone feeling involved, heard, and accountable. In an experience like this, you cannot rely on just having a leader who does a speech and shares their view on a Powerpoint presentation - you need a Dan Phan who clearly understands your business needs and can create a deep connection with the audience while leading an exceptional program and reaching thoughtful reflections." - Débora, Second Home

"just what we needed to turn our opportunities"

"Smart, engaging, inspiring and charismatic. The workshop for Caribou Coffee was just what we needed to turn our opportunities and gaps on their head and reframe the work we are doing to continually put the customer first. I've taken a lot of workshops across my career and none were as informative or engaging as the work by Dan and The Late Majority team." - Michelle, Caribou Coffee

"unlocking a different kind of creativity"

Our team, inspired by the session, just released a global digital engagement experience. People are loving it. Thanks for unlocking a different kind of creativity in our team. - Alison, Medtronic

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Meet Dan Phan

Hi, I'm Dan, the founder of The Late Majority.  Before launching in 2015, I led the digital transformation education program at Target, where I developed learning programs for over 8,000 employees in the areas of merchandising, finance, distribution, supply chain, marketing, human resources, and store operations. Speaking to groups from 3 to 3,000, I have worked with organizations in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Peru,  Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


I am constantly looking for new ways to create learning experiences that help businesses adapt to change. My signature Business Transformation Workshop has been going strong for over 7 years and continues to  be the most requested.

In 2017, I created CUE4: The Retail [un]Conference in Minneapolis, MN that brought together retail and marketing leaders from across the US for one day of learning and collaboration in a setting outside of the stale conference or trade show format.

In 2019, before remote working became the norm, I launched Workbreaker, a 9 day program in Lisbon, Portugal that combines remote working, leadership development, and cultural experiences. It's the study abroad for grown ups without having to sacrifice job duties, vacation time, or extended time away from home.

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