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Future proof your team.

Future-Ready Teams

Our mission is to transform your team's mindset and abilities through collaborative, pertinent, and engaging learning that prepares them for tomorrow's challenges.

Leadership & Culture

We shine in transforming your leadership and organizational culture to be more change-responsive, collaborative, and aligned with the evolving needs of your customers.

Modern Relevance

Our support empowers your pioneers of change to foster business expansion and solidify your company's relevance amidst the complexities of the modern era..

Advancing Business With The Late Majority

Leaders are asking their teams to become more curious to help with innovation and change.

But how do you train a team to do this?

This is where we come in.

We work in established industries with firm beliefs on how things should be done. However, digital transformation, technology, and rapid generative AI disruption has forced us to challenge these long held beliefs that have been ingrained in our training, our organizational structure, and leadership. The Late Majority learning experiences will shake up the way you view the value you provide to your customer, spark a need for urgent change, and create a new mindset that lands you in front of the curve of innovation.

Leading through change.

New Skills

Teams need the skills and opportunities to behave in a new way.

Role Modeling

Teams need to see leaders and colleagues behaving differently. Go from talk-the-talk to walk-the-walk.

Alignment with Peers

It's critically important to step away from the day-to-day routines of business with your peers to unlearn old rules of the past and define the future together.

Empowered Culture

Encourage risk taking and nontraditional ideas, activities, and actions - and even get teams excited about it.


Drive people out of their comfort zone and establish a sense of urgency to lead change.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking to generate new and innovative ideas and solutions to stay ahead of change.


Business Transformation

Our signature and most popular workshop for over 9 years. Transform the mindset of the team in order to prepare for the future. Our expertise lies in guiding you to establish a culture that readily adapts to change, fosters collaboration, and is committed to understanding and meeting the future needs of customers. 


Generative AI Leadership

Generative AI forces are impacting our business and we must develop a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals, cultivate a perspective on GenAI's business and individual impacts, and navigate the future with confidence and insight. 

Team Culture

A team offsite that builds trust, collaboration, and excitement about the future together. From good to great together, participants will explore how their personal values fit into the work that they do.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. 

Smart, engaging, inspiring, and charismatic. The workshop was just what we needed to turn our opportunities and gaps on their head and reframe the work we are doing to put the customer first. I've taken many workshops in my career and none were as informative or engaging as the work by Dan and team. 

Michelle C,

Caribou Coffee

Our team, inspired by the session, just released a global digital engagement experience. People are loving it. Thanks for unlocking a different kind of creativity in our team.

Allson B, Senior Director 


In our ambition to transform into a modern omnichannel UK retailer, The Late Majority has given us a spark that has changed the way we react to challenges in the retail industry. Dan's enthusiasm and new perspectives has propelled an amazing culture shift. 

Beth L,  VP Marketing
N Brown Group

Who we've worked with

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