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Virtual Reality Activity

Group Size: 4 - 50 People

Time: 60 minutes

Facilitation Level: Easy

Virtual reality technology continues to advance at a steady pace, thanks in large part to the variety of hardware options that have hit the market—from the $5 Google Cardboard to the $100 Samsung Gear to the $400 Playstation VR. As a result, more and more brands and studios are investing in these platforms. From Facebook to Playstation to Hollywood to McDonald's, companies are sinking millions into VR research and development. Imagine how VR will change the way we shop for products, look at real estate, meet with our doctors, or meet with our teams.


This activity was designed to give a preview of what virtual reality is and help us envision what the future may hold for your company, work, and personal lives.


Group Size: 6-40 People

Time: 6 hours

Facilitation Level: Medium

Organizations today need to connect with the modern consumer, realize the power of digital transformation, and constantly innovate. Is innovation a corporate buzz word? You bet - but we can all still learn ways to infuse this type of thinking into our daily work.


We created the innovation offsite for teams that want to be ahead of the curve. This is for teams and leaders who need to change the way they lead and explore ways to provide better value for their customers and clients in a digital world.  


This guide contains detailed facilitator instructions, presentations with facilitator notes, and print-offs to ensure you make the most of your team’s day together.


Many teams use these activities as a part of their total team offsite day that mixes specific business objectives with a chance to brainstorm and think differently about how they approach their work.  Enjoy!

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