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Need to schedule one-on-one time with me? Here are the 4 categories that people rely on me for most.


1 hour: $200.00

30 minutes: $120.00

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Learning & Development

Do you work in the Learning & Development field and need to collaborate with me for ideas, feedback, design, or strategy? With over a decade in the Learning & Development space, I can help you come of with ideas for training programs, explore new opportunities, and provide insights.


"Just finished my presentation! Nailed it. Everyone is buzzing. Minds were blown. Could NOT have made it as good as it was without you!"

- Melissa, Principal Consultant, Talent Management


2010-2015: Target HQ - Learning & Development

2014-2019: Hyper Island - Business Transformation Facilitator

2015-Current: The Late Majority

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Thinking about quitting your 9-5 and breaking out on your own? It's a both exciting and daunting thought and I'm here to help you navigate this next step. I've pursued the self-employment life for over 8 years, after working for a Fortune 100 company for 10 years, and can help guide you through this process. 


"Dan provides an objective, external viewpoint which has helped me to view my business challenges from an alternative perspective and guided me towards a solution. As a solopreneur having the opportunity to pick Dan’s brain is invaluable."

- Sarah Kemp, Founder, Palm & Pine


Living in Portugal

The secret is out. Portugal has quickly become a destination for Americans looking to move abroad. Portugal was named the top country to retire by the 2023 Annual Global Retirement Index. Portugal isn't just for retirees, either. Is this the year you redesign your life and live a happier and healthier life?

I have lived in Lisbon, Portugal since 2015 and can help you explore if Portugal is right for you and give you a realistic picture of daily life that the travel blogs won't tell you. 

Helpful articles:

Welcome to Portugal, the new expat haven - LA Times

Quit Your Job And Move Abroad: 10 Cheapest Places To Live - Forbes

​‘A cool destination to just start over’: Burned-out millennials are flocking to Portugal - CNBC


"Dan knows what he’s talking about. I found him to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living and working overseas. He made himself available to answer all my questions, both virtually and during my visit to Portugal." - Maria Reitan

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